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Is Your Video Content Heating Up For Summer?

Ahh…summertime. Shorts, t-shirts, and summer vacations! I think for many, marketing during summertime sounds like, “leave me alone, I’m on vacation.” It’s the “I’ll do it in the fall mentality.” But truthfully, it’s a great time for opportunity. Yes, it can be a season to be a little more relaxed, but unfortunately we just came out of a pandemic and now is a great time to do the opposite of what you may have been doing for years.

When it comes to your video content marketing, you may be thinking of doing it yourself. Especially if your business has been struggling this past year. Well, here’s a few tips for those who want to DIY their video content this summer.

1. Make sure your content is relative. This in my opinion is a big one. Since we’re coming out of a pandemic, why not create content that speaks to that positivity. Or make it relevant with the season. You can shape your content around a plethora of ideas, but it’s important to make it relative.

2. Make it interesting. Just because you know your audience doesn’t necessarily mean they’re going to watch your video content. So you have to make your videos interesting with some great visuals, sounds, and of course storyline. Come up with something clever, that might inspire someone instead of just talking about yourself. Something I personally do is a little video content recon. I typically like to do an “inspiration” search in just about anything I

create. Whether it’s been for video or design. By doing this, it’ll get your creative juices

flowing and lead your to a better video in the end.

3. Have the right message. When you’re coming up with your idea or ideas for your video

content, it’s important that you stand back and ask, “what’s my goal with this?” Once

you’ve answered that question you can put together the right message you’re amplifying to

the world. And again, make it about them, and not you. People want to hear about what

you can do for them, not what makes you so great.

If you can stick to these fundamentals, your DIY video content will be off to a great start! If you feel like you need some professional help in creating your video content, whether that’s live action or animation, please feel free to reach out. We’d love to help you build something stellar!

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