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We handcraft the perfect kind of video content for you and your brand.

TV Spots

Branded Video

Experienced TV commercial production matters more than ever in an era where online video production sets the trends. While online marketing content is all about having a focused target, TV spots have to address the broader audience. After all, every viewer is captive for your commercial. Not only are you casting a wider net with TV spots, but you’re also moving your audience through more steps in an average of 30 seconds. We handle TV commercial production from an advertising agency approach: Grab the audience’s attention, wow them, and give them a call to action so you get full results and maximize your advertising budget. With the right creative, your company’s message can be amplified to the masses quickly in a way that creates action.

To build your brand through video, you have to connect on an emotional level with your audience. Whether that’s something heartwarming, educational, or funny, a well produced branded video should be something shareable. Compelling videos can be very story-driven, where the end user is engaged and doesn’t feel like their being sold something. This kind of video should be highly targeted and focused. The Idea Studio excels in creating branded video content, whether that’s a video brand campaign that helps a non-profit get people to react to a problem and then take action, or a product spot that helps a running shoe company sell more shoes by motivating people to get out and run.

Corporate Video

Corporate video is video content that’s made to inform or educate, not necessarily to sell. Whether it’s training videos for internal employees, or support material for existing customers, the goal is not always conversion, but the value the end user finds in the video recordings. Corporate videos, while not used for advertising, must still have a professional texture and strategic production to be successful. Increase team efficiency, improve retention, and protect the perception of your brand by working with Atlanta Idea Studio on your corporate video projects.

Web Series

When producing a video web series, it’s about more than just creating an awesome episode: your video series needs continuity. Whether you work with just one video production agency or  switch between video partners, you’ll want to choose someone who can create a product with similar style, tone, and content. Your audience is counting on you for that consistent product. To deliver a superior web series, our agency’s video production team learns about you and what you want to deliver. We also soak up your company’s visual style and anything you’ve already created for the series while adding our own creative touch.

Aerial Video

Shooting high-quality aerial video is so much more than getting video footage from a flying drone. Of course, there’s a lot to be said for setting up ideal conditions and shooting steady, but there’s also a creative wild card to aerial video production that applies less on the ground: moving in a third dimension! Whether we’re capturing the Atlanta city skyline, some rustic north Georgia real estate, or just a great shot of your company’s office building, our team recognizes the unique nature of aerial video. Your finished product will be more than just unique aerial footage: it’ll embody something that can’t be seen the same way from any other angle.

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