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How does video play into your COVID-19 marketing playbook?

Updated: May 4, 2020

There’s no doubt that everyone in our country and around the world is feeling the effects of the #CoronaVirus outbreak. To put it bluntly…it sucks. Now, there are some businesses that are still thriving in these crazy economical times, but as we know, many and probably most are suffering. So what can we do - us that have small businesses? How can we stick out and survive right here, right now?

Video is still the best way to translate your brand’s message out there. No matter during a pandemic or when all is “sunshine and rainbows” so to speak. Why you ask? Well, there’s a ton of statistics out there to prove my claim, but I think the average person can answer that themselves. There is no better means of content that can grab the attention (and hold it) like #video can! And it's because there’s so many dynamics involved from moving visuals, to music, to spoken words of a testimonial.

Right now, there are so many great stories to be shared. (check out John Krasinski’s Some Good News) And more people are watching and sharing video during this time. And no matter if you’re working or not right now, you too can share your story about how not only this has impacted your business financially (for example), but how it’s changing your life - maybe for the better. For me, I know one thing it has made me appreciate some of the smaller things for sure and thanking God for them!

Another thing is you might find more time to pursue other passions during this time and through video you can either showcase them on social or even teach them. For example you may be an amazing baker. What a great time to do the thing you love and shoot a video on how you bake certain foods with your own secrets. Remember the defining factor in all of this is you.

A colleague of mine once told me, that what makes me different isn’t necessarily my skills with a camera or how I edit a video, or even how I approach a project, but what makes me different is ME. So remember that in these times. Your unique self is what makes whatever you do different. Beside your talents, it’s your personality, your character - and true passion shines through best on video.

Keep looking up!

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