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Real Life Social Networking

One of my biggest work challenges is networking. Not so much networking events, where you talk about your business/yourself - I'm pretty good at those because you know you are there to talk. What I mean is, I fall short in social networking. And I don't mean facebook, instagram etc. Of course, I'm bad at that as well. I'm talking about real life social settings like: a birthday party, neighborhood street party, your kid's school, a Bat Mizvah, a women's roller derby semi finals etc, etc. You get the picture.

Finding opportunities/segues (but not forcing) to talk about what it is you do. I see openings all the time, but don't take the opportunity. Even when someone says, "Gosh, I wish I knew someone who could produce a commercial for my Fortune 500 company- and I would even prefer a guy named Kevin"- I hesitate before I jump in. I think part of it is I was raised to be very humble and that means not talking about yourself. And part I think, is separating work and real life. What I'm slowly realizing now is - work, play, real life, online life, and so on are all meshing together and if you don't accept that, you can miss out on golden business opportunities. So go ahead and talk yourself up, everyone is doing it!


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