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Are Short Videos Your Best Chance For Engagement?

I think we can all agree that our attention spans have been getting shorter and shorter over the years. It’s an obvious trend as video content and the platforms that showcase them are getting shorter - especially those geared to the young professionals and younger generations. So the question is, can you get your message across in the matter of 15-20 seconds? The short answer is yes!

Video content, we call “Shorts,” is a trend we’re seeing more and more of. Larger brands, especially, are taking advantage of this kind of content for their online marketing. But they’re very strategic in the way the create their shorts. Before when I said, “yes,” you can get your message across in a matter of 15-20 seconds, I was being honest. But to be effective like these larger brands you must create multiple shorts. A series of short videos that is really able to highlight your brands message and whatever else your goal is with video.

You maybe wondering, “that’s great and all, but how much is this going to cost?” Realistically, good video content isn’t necessarily cheap. Unless that’s your angle. But you can do a series of shorts for the cost of one longer format video. And in the end it could be much more strategic as you could release one every couple of weeks so that your audience is getting fresh content from you.

If any of this seems foreign to you and you’d like to talk about how short videos could help grow your business, please reach out. We’d love to help you build some stellar video content that elevates your brands purpose.

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