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If you’re looking to produce a video for your company, chances are you’re probably thinking, “All I need is ONE great video to meet my video content needs.” This is a pretty dangerous way of thinking if you’re considering adding video to your marketing arsenal. I would agree that yes, you need at least one (well produced) video. Most likely some sort of “explainer” or “about us” depending on your line of business. But what we’re finding more and more these days is having more content is better. And if you can afford both quality and quantity…then you have a way to really amplify your brand with video.

I think more and more people are seeing how much more valuable their time is these days. At the same time more and more people are eating up video content. Just think about how much time you or a family member spends watching some sort of video content per day. So since more people are both watching more video, but also evaluating how their time is being spent, it only makes sense to create short ongoing video content…right? This can have a huge impact on you building your audience and turning those fans into customers.

We are sought out a lot of the time to write and produce one great video for someones website and/or social. But let me ask you this, just because something looks incredible or makes me laugh am I going to buy it? I’ve seen a ton of light beer commercials that cracked me up, but I still don’t buy light beer. So why are we sold on, “if I just have this one thing” mentality?

My suggestion is to think through your goals and what the overall purpose going to be with this video. I’m suggesting with all my clients now a days, to really understand who their audience is - and what problem(s) are they solving for that audience with this product or service. Then we creatively and strategically work through what kind of on-going video content we can deliver to that audience. It may all begin with one great kick-off video that starts a campaign. But the key is to keep their interest and that can only last so long with a one-off video.

If you’re realizing now that video might be the way to boost your business by large margins and are seeking advice to discover what kind of video content you need, we’d love to talk to you. And if you’re in Atlanta we can always schedule a free discover meeting to talk about your goals with video production and video marketing.

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