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Real Emotions Cause Real Impact

No matter what kind of person you are, no matter what you believe, no matter where you come from, real emotion impacts you. I don't know if there's anything that brings out our emotions more than watching real people display real passion. Sharing their story along with uplifting, motivational music to accompany it is sure to pull at the "heart strings." Seriously.

This is why I love what we do. We could of taken any marketing means we wanted to help someone build their #business. We chose #video. Sometimes all it takes is the right imagery with the right music to make someone cry, laugh, or even get extremely angry. Bottom is a powerful tool.

Quick story: We were approached by a client that wanted us to find a creative way to speak to their potential patients. So, we listened to their story and recommended producing a video that would showcase their passion for helping their patients. The video was intended to be used on their website, various social media platforms, and email marketing. In fact, this was a franchise business, and because it was so well received internally, corporate decided to use it to draw and motivate other doctor’s to become a part of their brand and buy into the franchise. They had unbelievable success at what they call “Decision Day” and have become the #1 Chiropractic chain in the country. You can watch the video here

Our approach is to dig into the heartbeat of your brand and figure out the best way to tell your story. Sometimes it’s not with one video, it might be a campaign of videos to truly express the message you’re trying to convey - why your product and service is better, or more unique. Everything is so personal nowadays and brands more than ever can’t be a one-size fits all. You can develop and audience that your brand fits into, and with that audience you will have a much higher success rate in business.

It’s not a hard formula. Video+Passion=Success.

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