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Our Focus is on You

When you think of the word FOCUS what comes to mind? Maybe it’s an old teacher or one of your parents saying, “Focus!” Maybe it’s your own voice telling yourself to focus when you’re in a meeting or even taking a test. Whatever the case, the word focus is powerful. It’s a word that can put us in the right frame of mind for whatever situation we’re in. To pay attention to being in the present moment.

For us, one of our mantras has been, “Our focus is on you.” No pun intended. But we strive to make this a truth. There are many in our line of work that want to talk about the cool things they can do. And for the most part, almost all professional video production agencies can do a lot of cool things in the realm of video, but what does it matter if it isn’t what YOU need?

We at The Idea Studio take the time to understand your needs and goals first. We also make it a point to understand who you are, your industry, and competitors. Even if we’re not fully involved with the post production of things, we still take the time to understand your needs for your shoot. The feel and tone and the best ways to capture this. Is this an emotional piece or is this something a little more light-hearted? Is a studio shoot more suitable or something in your environment better? By asking a lot of questions, we’re able to get the most out of our productions and in the end help YOU accomplish your video goals.

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