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Is Video Really Worth It?

I often get the question, “Is video really worth it?” My short answer is, “yes.” But there are definitely some reasons to back up my quick response.

When I hear the word “worth” I think of the word "value." Or - how are we getting or giving value to something (not just how much does it cost)? There’s a big difference you know? Between Value and Cost that is. But that’s a whole other article altogether.

In this short Vlog, our Studio Director, Kevin Greene, will give a quick testimonial from a “first time” video client that could possibly answer this question for some of you or at least give you a client’s perspective.

Now I know that’s only one testimonial in favor of using video to market your business - but for some of you, getting a 1% or even 2% ROI is totally worth it. For example: A custom home builder might realize that by spending $5000 to produce a marketing video, that helps to sell even one custom home, is well worth the money. Because it produced value. And not only that, it would go on to help sell more than that because a professional marketing video should have the shelf life of many years to come.

So next time you ask, “Is video really worth it?”, take in to consideration the testimonial of our client. You never know who might see your video just at the right time and buy whatever you’re selling.

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