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Aren't we all saying the same thing? (a rant)

The more and more I’ve been in “the business world,” the more and more I’ve noticed a trend among messaging. What is that you ask? Well, we’re all basically saying the same thing. For example, being in the marketing world, I see a lot of brand messaging like: “We’re a result-driven marketing agency” or “Our proven method produces results” Even on company videos you hear business leaders say, “We’re different because we dive deep to understand our clients….etc.” Yes, the way they phrase things may be different, but everyone typically says a lot of the same nonsense.

Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m guilty of this too. And it’s not all bad. I do think it’s great to say why you’re different and try to separate yourself from other companies. But maybe, just maybe we need to think hard about why our company (culture, services, niche) is the best to serve a certain group instead of regurgitating what a competitor says.

In our space, it’s interesting that no-one hardly says straight up, “We’re a video production company” When essentially, that’s what they are. You know why? Because it’s not sexy. There’s nothing wrong with it, but I know, as well as many in the video production space, that title brings a certain image to mind (for whatever reason). Especially if you’re creative and not specifically a tech person that works in video.

For me, coming from a production, but also marketing and advertising background, I never wanted to be thought of as just a video production company. I wanted people to know that we are creative marketers with cameras (so to speak). And we use video as the ultimate marketing tool. So if we’re all saying the same thing, how do we differentiate ourselves??

I believe what makes us all different really is our individuality. It’s always said that people work with those they like. That is some "hashtag" truth right there. If your work is solid and your price is fair, then it boils down to you. The way YOU operate your business. The way YOU work with the client. The way YOU manage the project. The way YOU interact on the phone (or Zoom) :) YOU are the difference maker. And when people like you, and you’re using your talents to help a specific niche that you love, then that’s when the magic really happens and great work is born.

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