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What the heck is a brand-driven video?

I recently was asked “what is a branded video and what makes it different from something like a commercial?" Many people feel that a branded video (or brand-driven video) is just a video that describes someone's brand. But that’s not it at all. You see a video that describes your brand is something like an "explainer" or "about us" video - possibly even a corporate video. Brand-driven video content and campaigns are much more. It is a creative, many times emotional, production piece that advances a message while keeping your brand in the background. It could be used as a commercial (if the budget is there), but compared to the 30 seconds you usually have on TV to promote or sell something, a branded video is longer format to be able to tell a story in 1-3 minutes (however full length versions have gone up to 8 minutes!) They speak to a very specific audience with their message. I’ve listed below with links a few examples of branded content.

1. Dove "Real Beauty Sketches"

2. American Greeting (Card Store) “World’s Toughest Job”

3. Always "Like a Girl"

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what the best kind of video is right for you and your brand. There’s a lot of different options and different platforms to run it or promote it on. I’d suggest you ask yourself “why do I want this video?” Or “what is my goal with the video?” Is it for brand awareness? or to be more for hard sell? For example, we have a client here in Atlanta, that was like a farmer’s marketing on wheels. Local and Organic foods delivered to your door. Way before they had an “explainer” type video, we encouraged them to create a web series that would show their patrons a behind the scenes look at where their food was coming from. Whether that was a dairy farm or a coffee roaster. It was a different and creative way for them to build trust with their current and potential customers. See what I’m getting at?

If you’re looking for video production help, please don’t hesitate to send us an email. We’d be happy to guide through steps to choosing the right kind of video for you and your brand!

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