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Video: Banking's Visual Bridge to Prosperity

Still the bedrock of our economic system, the banking and financial sectors have been quietly assaulted on all sides. Shifting needs and behaviors by the public, regulations, and new technology have forced institutions to change the way they're doing business in order to survive and thrive.

Industry leaders all stress the importance of understanding and communicating the financial developments. These include extensive use of the Cloud with evolving financial platforms and instruments. Digital transformation toward 100% onboarding along with more branch-free banking offerings has become the key.

We find that most banks and financial institutions are engaged in a great deal of marketing today - mobility solutions, client portals, adaptable websites, product advertising. However, we also typically see the relative absence of the critical tool that completes the virtual bridge to customers and employees alike - custom video.

Portal walkthroughs, product videos explaining their unique solutions, content for websites and social media, and branding videos all play a huge part of today's marketing roadmap. In addition, training videos to help new employees are an important factor of keeping them working and invested.

The Idea Studio specializes in producing marketing videos for banks and financial institutions. We utilize all video types including live action, 2D and 3D, and mixed media. We follow a collaboration type of workflow best suited for our clients. This typically includes storyboards, filming and illustration/animation (post).

Financial customers are looking for easier, faster, and better services while at the same time requiring stable and secure systems. Where does video fit in your marketing and communications plans? Please let us know when it's time to discuss.

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