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Let it Snow

Winter, oh how I love winter. When most see it as a time for not fit for filming, us at Atlanta Idea Studio see an opportunity for creativity. So much filming could be done in the snow, don’t limit yourself to only working in warm and desirable environments. Looking at something that the laymen sees as an inconvenience, we see as an opportunity. So let's divulge what makes filming in snow fun.

Tungsten! Tungsten!! TUNGSTEN! Yes, I love any excuse to use these beautiful, yet underrated lights. #Tungsten light creates contrast. We all know that tungsten is used to light interiors, but what if you took that light and brought it outdoors. Once reflected off of your subject, it could look like it is coming from a practical, such as a streetlight or light from inside of a house. This look reminds me a little of the movie Jack Frost. Not only do they look absolutely stunning when put against the cold snowy backdrop, it also warms up nicely so the crew can congregate around a light and keep warm. The look of this light in the snow creates a cozy-home feeling. That feeling to make you want to bundle up on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa.

You can literally write a thousand words on something that appears so empty. A simple photo of the snow, white on white, can catch your attention and spark so much creativity. During the winter season it's one of the most impactful backdrops for any commercial, corporate video, or film that immediately shows production value.

Next time you feel like you can’t film due to certain circumstances, find reasons why you should and be imaginative about it. You might find yourself impressed by what you create. Never let anything stop you from your craft....especially winter!

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