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Are you using video as an inbound channel to attract customers?

There’s no doubt that video is the future, and has been the current king of content for a while now. With almost every social platform offering video these days, it can be difficult to choose where you want your content to live. Do I put it just on Facebook? Do I stick with Instagram or IGTV? What about short videos on Snapchat? It’s really important to have that strategy in place before you just “put it our there.”

If you’re looking to get more B2B clients then you must have inbound channels to do this. What are inbound channels? Well, blogs, vlogs, podcasts, etc. It must be rich media though, you know something with some meat…something that really helps and speaks to business owners. Video is a great way to showcase this on a platform like LinkedIn. Most professionals are on LinkedIn and are looking to build relationships with other professionals, but sometimes it’s hard to get through to the people you’re trying to reach. You know, crowding their inbox with “salesy” messages that most people either ignore or delete immediately.

So how do you use video to cut through all the noise? A good strategy might be creating a weekly vlog that talks specifically about the kind of businesses you help. It could be that you’re a chiropractor (for example) and you know that “anyone” can use your advice, but you don’t won’t to just tell people you’re great at giving adjustments that lead to better health (that’s for your about us video) - no, you want to give free tips that anyone can understand and do on their own. Something like: “did you know a great way to do trigger point therapy on tight muscles is with a lacrosse ball that only costs $3?” You see what I’m getting at?

If you’re going to use LinkedIn (or any social platform for that matter), make sure your video content is cut down to no more than two minutes (shorter if possible). You can take sections from your weekly vlog that might be 3-5min and cut it down for your social inbound channels and you’ll get much better results.

With that said, inbound channels are a must when it comes to building a business. It’s important to test and see what works best for you, but know that creating short tip videos with value will always go well in the marketplace lending to the development of your personal brand.

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