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Super Bowl Commercials. Are They Worth The Price Tag?

So I thought I’d write about the term “going viral,” but since it’s Super Bowl week, it only makes sense to talk about the game…or at least the thing half the population watches the Super Bowl for - the commercials of course!

Popularity of Super Bowl commercials have dated back for decades. However, the first Super Bowl Commercial aired in 1967. You want to know for how much? Around a measly $40,000. But still, forty grand is forty grand. I mean I’ve known indie filmmakers that have made full-length movies for less than that. But in this day and age, that is but a crumb of a budget compared to the $5 + million that is spent for air time for one of these Super Commercials.

Let’s do the math. That’s about $168,000 per second! Good gracious!!! And that’s just the air time - we haven’t talked about the production costs which on average is a little over one million dollars!

Unfortunately, I feel as a society when we hear those kinds of numbers we are as numb to it as we are when we watch the news. Let me say it one more time… IT'S 5 MILLION DOLLARS! Don’t get me wrong, I love to laugh and see incredible imagery and storylines. But let’s face it, it's 30 seconds to promote either junk food or trucks (most the time).

So let me ask you - are they worth it? Regardless if you are in the mindset of “it’s the most valuable advertising TV slot in the world!” Are they really worth it? I can maybe count on my fingers how many Super Bowl commercials I actually remember. I’m not even talking all the years I’ve been watching. I think I remember one commercial from last couple of years. And since advertising is suppose to be about grabbing your attention (or emotions), to get you to purchase a product, I’m not too sure it’s doing that great of a job.

I’ll end by saying I do enjoy the anticipation of sitting with my closest friends and family watching the big game and the commercials. And being in the film/video production world for a couple of decades now I know to produce anything worthy can be kind of expensive. Of course the term “expensive” is some what relative. Truly it can costs as little or as much as someone is willing to pay (or do it for).

If you’re interested in creating a video for your brand or product but not sure where to start or even how to budget, holler at us. We’d be glad to help you with any questions you have and show you our process!

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