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New Year, More Cowbell.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said, “MORE COWBELL” Instantly I cracked a smile. I mean how could anyone forget the boys from SNL dressed like BOC, and Will Ferrell’s stomach hanging out while whacking away at a cowbell for Christopher Walken. Instant gold.

The cowbell is an interesting instrument. Growing up playing the drums, I’m quite familiar with the cowbell. I didn’t use it too often, maybe on one or two songs here or there. But one thing is for sure, it really stands out!

When I think about the this being a New Year, I think about goals I’d like to accomplish personally and in business. I know in business, we (meaning most people) always want to differentiate ourselves from other like-minded businesses. You want to stick out, you want to be unique… like the cowbell. Sure the cowbell can be annoying for some folks, but let’s not look at it that way. I mean, it’s the thing that makes “Don’t Fear the Reaper” recognizable. It’s the sound you remember in Zeppelin’s “Good Times, Bad Times.” And how could the classic “Low Rider” start with anything else? It’s rememberable.

Me and my team always try to make our production shoots memorable. To me, that’s our cowbell. Whether it’s keeping everyone on set laughing or at ease, we want to make your shoot as fun and professional as possible. My favorite compliment is, “You guys are so easy and fun to work with.”

So this year, find out what your cowbell is. Because you know what makes your business different or special? You!

Here’s to success in 2019!

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