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Meeting Expectations

Do you like analogies? I do. But I can’t tell when I give one if it comes across as me belittling someone or even being condescending. It shouldn’t (and I’m definitely not trying to) because it's just comparing two scenarios for someone to easily understand. Most of the time, I’m using a house or a car in my analogy for video. For me, it’s a simple process so we know what kind of video we’re “building” or vehicle we’re driving (so to speak). Hopefully opening the door to talk about expectations.

My biggest thing is letting our potential customers understand that what they are investing in is highly valuable. I know people value their cars and most are hoping that it will not only get them from Point A to Point B, but it will fit both their personality and needs. When we start dipping into the realm of “wants,” that’s when talking about expectations is important.

Wants and needs are two separate things. When I go shopping for a car, there’s typically a need of why I’m going to shop for one. Once I understand that I need the car, then I may investigate what kind of automobile I actually need. It could be something small that is gas efficient, it might be a pickup truck because I need to haul things due to business, or it could be a mini van because I’m starting a family and need more space. Whatever the case, we all go through this process.

After that, I probably need to figure out how much I can afford to spend. I think the average person tries to figure out how much per month they can afford and fits into their budget and then goes from there. Once you have your budget range, you get to do the fun stuff and figure out the “wants” in your car. Now, you might not be able to afford everything you want, but sometimes you can sacrifice one thing for another to fall into your budget. It’s like getting a nicer model Kia over getting a Mercedes - you’re still getting a really nice car with a lot of things you want.

This relates to video so well. A business will approach us with the need of a video. Then we figure out what kind of video will fit that businesses needs. After that they figure out a budget range for their video. And last, we determine what is possible to produce within that budget range. It’s really that simple.

Remember, video is an investment. It doesn’t have to break the bank, but if you want it done right, you will have to pay for that professionalism. And any creditable video production or video marketing company will help you set realistic expectations to produce you a video that will fit your needs and help grow your business!

If we can help you with any of your video content needs, please let us know!

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