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Top 3 Reasons Why Companies Don't Have a Video.

This isn't going to be an article full of numbers and pie charts to sway you in anyway of why you need at least one solid branded video. Nope, just 3 (BIG) reasons that I’ve seen (as a pattern) over many years in the marketing and video production world and my personal thoughts on each. Ready?

#3 NO TIME. Time is a funny thing. The most common reply when asking a business colleague about their business or life is, “I’m so busy.” Of course, very often, this is quite true. I mean who isn’t busy?? Work, family, hobbies, holidays….etc. But what is the right use of time anyway? Isn’t it prioritizing from most important to least important?

I believe sometimes that we get into a mundane routine of what our priorities are. Especially in business. But in reality, our priorities can change day to day. If you’re a business owner of a small company, a lot of the time you’re doing 60-75% of the work (maybe more). This leaves you with very little time. And with contracts to create, meetings to go to, emails to respond to, who has time to think about a video? But what if we put aside a time slot one day during the week for just an hour to write the blog that our content so badly needs - or a social post update to keep your fans or colleagues up to speed with what your company is doing. One strategic, dedicated hour for any of your media could possibly help get the leads you always imagined. And that time dedicated to developing your branded video, could open the door to folks that never knew you existed. 

#2 NO VISION. Jumping into something you’ve never done before can be quite scary. I’d say 75% of the folks I’ve worked with on a video over the years have never done one before. In many of their minds they could only envision something that looked like an annoying local TV commercial. So helping someone visualize how their brand could be seen through a great video is the first step. There are many companies like ours that can take you through those steps, much like a home contractor, and build you a video that can best represent the company or product your selling. 

#1 NO BUDGET. I know I’ve heard “That’s just not in our marketing budget” more times than none. And that is probably very true. You didn’t account to put video into your marketing budget, because it’s not even apart of your marketing plan. I hate to say it, but if you’re willing to spend thousands of dollars for months on end to get your website just the way you think want it, but aren’t planning on using the #1 form of media (with a high % of ROI) to advertise and market your brand, then you may just be shooting yourself in the foot. Look at your budget for the upcoming year and set aside something that you’re comfortable with to create a video. You may say, “I have no idea how much a video cost!” Well, maybe not. And unfortunately there’s no firm answer to give you. But be practical as well as have realistic expectations. If you already know a TV commercial cost thousands and thousands of dollars to produce, then be aware that your video will have a price tag. Maybe not as much as a national TV spot, but if you are looking to have a quality video produced, let’s just say your budget should be in the thousands, not the hundreds. 

If you have any detailed questions about process, budgeting, or creating your first video, message me and I’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.

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