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Let them know what you’re serving.

Recently I was on my way back to my office and needed to stop and grab a bite for lunch. I saw a bright, vibrant colored restaurant that caught my eye so I decided to investigate. I was happy to find out they sold one of my favorite things to eat…gyros! So I parked, went inside and the nice young lady behind the counter said, “What can I get for ya?” I said, “I’d love a gyro!” She then said with a smile, “Great, what kind of meat or veggies would you like?” And I paused and thought for a second, “Gyro meat?” I laughed…and said, “Lamb?” The lady looked at me funny and said, “I’m sorry, we don’t serve lamb. Only chicken, hummus, or vegetarian options.” (or something like that) My face went from smiling - to confused - to unhappy. I mean you’re a gyro place and don’t sell traditional gyro’s with lamb? Oh, well..womp womp. And just in case you were wondering, I went with the chicken.

So, what’s my point? I think there’s a lot of business in the marketplace that don’t have a clear brand message out there. I’ve been to several websites that look great, are vibrant and cool, but are often confusing. They may even have a large header that reads some clever tagline, but I STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY DO. It can be a little frustrating. So I can only imagine that when a visitor comes to their site, it’s a bit frustrating to them as well. This is why video is so imperative these days.

Video is the best way not only to explain what your business does, it’s also the best way for someone to retain that message. It’s faster, can be entertaining or educational. It can also draw an emotional connection with the end user. The main thing is just having something on your website like an animated or live action “explainer” type video to, um..well, explain what it is you’re selling. The great thing is, a well-produced video can have a shelf life of many years which results in better ROI. So for example, let’s say your video cost somewhere around $3500 and you have a customer or client that ends up spending on average $2000-$5000 with you, you can make your investment back with one or two customers. It’s a great way to look at it especially on something that you will use over and over again.

Video is truly is a wise investment and may be the most effective way to show who you are, what you do…or what you’re serving!

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