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Is Your Video Content MAYA?

I learned a new word today, “MAYA.” It’s an acronym for “Most Advanced Yet Acceptable.” It was coined by a French/American, industrial designer named Raymond Loewy. Loewy was famous for designing The Studebaker, Air Force One, interior of first NASA spaceship, redesigning the Coca-Cola bottle, and the Exxon logo just to name a few. He literally redefined the 20th century with his designs and living by his "MAYA" creed. So, when I first heard of him, my ears perked up and wanted to learn more.

You see, MAYA is a deeper look into the way we think. To put it simply or as I heard from Ted Talk speaker Derek Thompson - “Take the familiar and make it surprising.” I love that. People want new things, but a taste of the old and familiar. It’s how we’re wired. That’s why “New and Improved” always works when advertising something like laundry detergent, glass cleaner, or whatever.

When I’m helping people think through their video marketing goals, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the creative or how you’re going to shoot the production because that’s the fun stuff. But the strategy and psychology that goes into the video, which is essentially the sales tool, that’s the good stuff. If the product isn’t familiar, we need to make it familiar, but also new. Or if the product is already well-known, we need to make something about it surprising. Something Most Advanced Yet Acceptable.

Next time you’re planning on producing a video, think beyond, “this is going to get a laugh,” or “this is shareable,” think, “How can I make this new, but also familiar.” Because in the end, we all would rather have more sales than views. Am I right? If you’re in Atlanta and would like to discuss how video can amplify your business or brand, we’d love the opportunity to chat with you and help you reach your marketing goals!

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