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How to Choose a Background For a Shoot

If you’re a business person trying to enhance your online presence with video content, then there are a few steps you want to take in order to make that content shine - so to speak.

When our video production agency is hired to shoot any kind of video, before we shoot, we take into careful consideration what kind of surrounding is going to make this video pop. Even if we’re shooting a corporate video with a talking head. Choosing the right background could actually enhance or diminish the quality of your video.

Here’s just a couple of tips to help you decide how to pick a good background.

1. Take your time. Time is something that is so valuable, especially on a production shoot. We know that “time is money” so to speak, but it’s important to take some time on the front end of the shoot to get it right so that you don't have to reshoot anything later, leading to wasting more time and money. Take about 10-20 minutes to survey the space. If it’s your office, perhaps you already know the best looking or most interesting areas where to shoot. If you’re a video producer, then allow the client to show you those places and offer your suggestions as well if something sticks out.

2. Look for depth. Having an open space with depth will really add to the overall look of the video. This will allow you to shoot a little further away so you can push in with your camera. In the end giving you that great shallow depth of field look, that blurs out the background and makes the subject pop.

3. Look for light. Rooms that have great natural lighting really help enhance a video. For one, we’re always trying to emulate the sun or natural light with artificial light anyway. And if you’re not good at doing that, then your video could suffer. So if the space you are shooting in has a nice open room with windows, this could be your location. Another great thing is if the space has large bay windows similar to the photo below, then it can make the background jump out and give it great aesthetics. Just make sure your subject is well lit.

4. Set Dec. Last, if your space is just not interesting enough and you have to shoot in a boring room, then why not decorate the background some. I would suggest nothing over the top. If you have a lamp with shade and a plant - or maybe some awards you’ve won, any of those can simply add value to your background.

BONUS TIP: If you decide that your indoor space just isn’t working for your video content, then you may want to take it outdoors. If you do, you’ll need to find a quiet shooting location and if it’s an overcast day, that’s a bonus! This is because you’ll have a natural diffuser for lighting your subject and in the end giving your a nicer more balanced looking image. If it's bright and sunny, I would suggest trying to shoot in a shaded area because hard sunlight could blowout your subjects image if you don't know how to properly adjust your camera settings.

Hopefully, this gives a few good ideas what to look for when choosing a background for your next video shoot. Good luck!

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