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How Do You Get Heard Amongst All the Noise???

Did you know that an average person checks their phone 344 times a day?!! Crazy right?What’s crazier is you are probably one of these “average persons!” I never think about it personally, until I get my screen time notice on Sunday morning and it tells me I’m up or down whatever percentage. Point being, we’re on these dang things a lot! And whether we’re texting, checking emails, social media, or the news, we are probably spending close to 1/2 of that time looking at videos. Many of these videos are either ads, or marketing videos on social media we get sucked into. The question is “how long are we watching them?” Or a bigger question is, “how much are we retaining them?”

You see, we all want to be able to use technology and especially now, video, to help us further our businesses and/or products. But how do we successfully make the right video to cut through all the noise that we breeze through everyday? Well I believe it starts with the right plan and or strategy. You can have a beautiful, shiny video that you pay good money for, but without the right plan of attack, it will become more background static.

We believe that there is a different strategy for every kind of business. For example some businesses serve well by doing a video campaign like the one here. When we were approached by a popular, running shoe store that had multiple locations, they needed something that would not only feed their current patrons with valuable content, but would bring in NEW runners as well. They couldn’t figure out why more people, that loved to walk and run, didn’t shop at their stores. After some research, we discovered a lot of it was intimidation to shop at a specialty type shoe store. That shopping at a store like this felt overwhelming and too expensive. So we created a campaign that we felt spoke to the novice runner. Regular people that wanted to start running but had no starting point. This campaign launched with a creative commercial style video that we ran on all social media platforms and saw it go viral on Facebook in the matter of a couple of days! (and that’s without paid advertising) That, coupled along with a 3-part web series that took an average, entrepreneurial mom who had no time for herself, and transformed her into a runner who accomplished her first race by the end of the series. This was something very original and different that brought more interest to their brand and feet into their stores. As well as the sponsored brand of the campaign, New Balance.

With the right idea, coupled with the right strategy, you break through the static and get heard amongst the noise. More importantly, you get eyeballs on your product and/or services. Give us a holler, we’d love to help you stand out with your next video project!

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