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The Idea Studio sets the pace!  Before incepting a campaign that was perfect for our brand, they took the time to truly understand our business, our promotional objectives and the industry in which we participate…  More specifically, Todd and Tim quickly became both trusted experts in their field and an undeniable resource for our team through their own immersion in a “pedestrian-active lifestyle” and a willingness to generously explore possibilities we’ve never previously considered for our marketing mix.  It is for both good reasons and our own great experiences that we see TIS atop the podium for video production and client services!



What's Your Excuse?


The "What's You Excuse?" Campaign was a 4 month long sprint that was kicked off with an inspiring and motivational, cinematic spot. Used primarily on Big Peach's social media, the spot ran for 4 weeks and received over 20,000 views and 140 shares on Facebook in the first week alone!


The 2nd part of the campaign strategy, was to continue to inspire the Big Peach audience with engaging video content. A monthly web-series entitled, "The Journey" followed entrepreneur/speaker, Tiffany Krumins (creator of Ava the Elephant), being transformed from novice "I'm too busy to run" into a well-formed, consistent runner. The web series was showcased both via social media as well as to their 100k+ email audience. In return building great engagement as Big Peach was flooded with inspiring emails and messages of how people's lives were being changed by throwing out their excuses and coming into store locations to be professionally fit for their running/walking shoes!

Big Peach Running Co. & New Balance

Accolade: Telly Award - Sports Marketing Spot

Writers/Producers - Tim Suggs & Todd Pringle

Director - Todd Pringle

Cinematographer - Bill Burton 

What's Your Excuse? Campaign Spot

The Journey - Web Series

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Production Shots

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