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Clients for Life

We all love the "Big Budget Clients." You know the ones - they call up and say, “budget doesn’t matter, just do it!” They are awesome.. In fact, I think one of ours is calling me right now.  Hold on... Okay, that was a robocall, but hopefully I’ll hear from them a bit later. I digress.. It is easy to focus on big budget clients. It’s only natural. They pay the big bucks, they get the big love. But ignoring smaller clients can really bite you in the keister. Because they can of course become..wait for it.. yes, a BIG CLIENT.

Working in video production, we deal with a lot of start ups. Young clients with new products that need videos to launch said product. Often times they are spending most of their budget on product manufacturing, and unfortunately have very limited allocated for video marketing. So, we have to ask ourselves, "is this client worth taking on?"  Well, here at Atlanta Idea studio we like helping every client (especially start ups), but sometimes the video they need is simply impossible to produce for the budget they have. So, sometimes we have to work well below our normal standard budget, to make certain things happen. But, when you do that for a client.. When you go that extra mile to produce an epic video for such a small budget because you believe in that client and that product- that client becomes a client for life. And they always remember how you treated them when they were just a “small client".


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