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5 Types of Videos You Can Easily Produce For Your Brand.

With video being king of content nowadays, most people know that they need to implement it somehow.But how? I mean, many people don’t know where to start Or what kind of video they need. I’ve met a lot of clients and business partners that say they “want” video but haven’t got around to it or they tell me they “need a ________ “ kind of video - but aren’t sure if that’s really what they need. Hopefully I shed some light on the subject and help when considering what kind of video suits your need, time, and budget. So here are 5 types of video you can easily produce (or get produced) for your brands content.


An Interview Style video is one that is like a “talking head” but instead of talking straight at the camera, the subject would be talking to a person (or at least it looks like they are) These are some of my favorite style videos, especially for corporate. It just feels more natural than someone speaking directly to the camera. Think about grabbing one of the leaders in your organization and asking them questions about what makes your company/brand so great and unique. It’s that simple.

2. VLOG.

A Vlog is basically a Blog but in video form. A Vlog is a great way to share tips or advice or opinions in a more creative way. A Vlog is also more engaging and faster for the end user to use and understand.


A testimonial could be a huge asset for your online content and also a great way to build trust. For me, I read a lot of reviews and look out for well-done testimonials to help me decide whether or not I want to go with someone’s product or services.


A culture video is a video that gives an inside look at what drives your company and makes you a better and or different place to work. I know that every Tuesday at our office we do a group lunch and most Thursdays at 4 o’clock, we have a Happy Hour event!


An Explainer video typically is one that is driven by animation. It might be character animation or motion graphics or even white board animation. Whatever the case, it is a creative and maybe more importantly, quick and easy way to explain what your company does.

Many of these videos can be done in-house (maybe all if you have the skill set). However, a lot of folks don’t either have the time nor man power to get them done. If you have any question pertaining to building video content or need help producing an engaging video to speak to your audience, reach out to us and we’ll be glad to help anyway we can! Our video production team here in Atlanta has experience to produce everything in the list above as well as commercials, branded videos, and more!


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