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Top Video Trends for the New Year!

Video continues to be an increasingly-important piece of an organization's communications plan, whether for marketing or internal purposes. This year, videos made up 82% of all consumer internet traffic, significantly higher than just five years ago. When considering video companies in the Atlanta area and beyond, make sure you integrate these developing video trends into your planning.

1. Social media platforms - at the top of the list is the continued emergence of video used on social media platforms. Social media itself continues to evolve and demographic targeting tools have gotten better across the board. Websites still continue to be the central hub for company communication, but external sites and API-driven apps have made strong gains. Apps like Instagram have made video a key area of focus for them going forward. Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn and others - all greatly welcome video content today.

2. Less is more - shorter videos have found their high value and place in the video ecosphere. Here is a great example of a short video we produced recently about short videos :). Commercially speaking, they're great for getting one or two points across along with branding in a bite-sized fashion. At 15 seconds or less, they're great for a population with short attention spans. They can be shown during commercial times, before, or after featured content. Or, as with YouTube Shorts, they can be played/watched independently.

3. Silent making big noise - we are consuming ever more video content. But there are times when the audio might be unnecessary or irritating to those around. This is why silent video has become popular for many of us on the go. Still need to pass textual information? It's no problem as captions are easy to include.

4. High quality and lower quality - also finding their respective places are high production and low production videos. Both have been a part of organizational videos for years. The first includes videos that are planned, shot and edited in post-production, and require rea; budgets. The second are the types of videos that are taken by employees or customers and are more authentic in the sense that they are minimally scripted. Customers still demand the first type for the quality but also like the second type because they considered them to be more casual and honest. These types can often be produced as testimonial videos.

5. Video SEO importance - finally, video SEO has emerged as an important aspect to overall SEO. Google, the main search engine, now consists of 'Universal Search' which renders many elements such as organic, paid, social media, image, and so on in their search results. Since video is an important piece of information, Google certainly includes a section for them now. So file names, titles, and even developing chapters in videos are all important in categorizing and tagging videos for optimal visibility

Of course videos in general are important for any number of reasons organizationally, such as in explainer and demos. But taking these trends into consideration will help your communications next year significantly.

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