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Video is the Right Idea

Isn't it amazing how the rise of video has impacted the world? You can find informational videos on any topic now on YouTube (including rocket science :). And the application of the content through explainer videos has helped us all become do-it-yourself experts to a degree.

Business and corporate video use has similarly taken off. The statistics, according to Wyzowl, are impressive. Even at the tail-end of the pandemic (hopefully), 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool with 92% of marketers saying it's an important part of their marketing strategy. And that's just the marketing side...that doesn't account for internal or customer service video needs of the business.

The types of videos that are being created are many. Explainers are at the top with 74% of marketers using, then social media, then presentation videos.

Perhaps the biggest development is that 87% of marketers are now reporting that video yields a positive ROI. That's a significant increase of 33% who believe in a positive video ROI in 2015. That signals to us that marketers are thinking and planning the videos better than before as well as incorporating metrics of some kind beforehand. That's great news.

Because marketing activity like video impacts a number of elements such as touch points and education, it's not surprising that the top measurements of success and "ROI" today are video engagement and views as opposed to just bottom line sales. In fact, we recommend planning specific video measurements of success for your business in during video pre-production.

That stats are in - business video is obviously a critical area of a professional marketer's activity today. We recommend planning and implementing them in coordination with the company's roadmap for the maximum effect.

For more in-depth on business video usage, check out the Wyzowl article on Hubspot here.

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