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Quality vs. Value

Let me ask you a question. Does the quality of something equal it’s value? It’s tough question to answer am I right? For example, the quality of a diamond probably does make it more valuable, but how do you determine the same thing with art? One person may see the value in the work and quality in something like a painting, but another person may not. I think it swings both ways, but for the sake of this article and its focus, I’m going to say it doesn’t.

When you create and produce videos as an occupation, you are taught that because you use the latest or most expensive camera and gear, that this adds value. Or because you have a “good eye” and know how to shoot incredible, cinematic shots, it makes you more valuable. Well…perhaps. What we’ve seen as video creators is, our job isn’t just to make pretty imagery for our clients - no our job is to help our clients produce leads that turn into sales. This is what makes us valuable. Of course our clients want professional looking footage and such, but if it’s just going to sit on a shelf with no one to see it, what good is it?

So now what? Well, we recommend a consistent amount of purposeful content being produced for your brand on an ongoing basis. In this case the content being video. This in conjunction with how the video is used or placed is just as important as the video itself. It’s a formula that equals success - And it starts with a strategy. You need a strategy to help you know who you’re marketing to, what kind of video content is going to be produced, how often it’s produced, and then where it’s going to live. It’s a simple 3 step process we use. Video Strategy - Video Production - Video Distribution.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our this process that can generate leads that creates action, please reach out and we’d love the opportunity to show you how something like a commercial campaign can work for you and your business!

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