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Key Business Videos Today: Explainer and Demo

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

For corporate video production, organizations are going all out. For external/public use, general profile, public relations, and case study videos are being produced. For internal use, training and announcement videos are being used. In terms of the types of videos most produced today, marketing-based explainer and product demos lead the way.

Explainer videos generally describe what an organization does. Being at the top of the marketing funnel, explainer videos answer the question, "what do you do?". We find that the most effective explainer videos center on the problems customers face along with the organization's solution. They're generally used on websites or even ads/commercials and can even explain an organization's offerings (products or services). In this context, they would be lower on the marketing funnel.

They can be animated, live action, or a mix of the two. They generally don't exceed about 90 seconds to 2 minutes. As organizations have grown and products expanded and changed to solve dynamic customer problems, explainer videos have become an invaluable video staple of marketing departments and their messaging around the world.

Down the marketing funnel, but equally as important, are product demonstration videos (also known as a demo videos). They've come a long way in terms of importance, and quickly. Demo videos answer the question, 'how do you do it'. That is, for products and services, demo videos take the viewer through the steps on how to use or operate. This might include physical products or online applications. Demo videos are generally longer and tend to be more live action oriented than explainer videos.

Today's demo videos are generally produced to be more entertaining than in previous times. They need to be that way because of the short attention span of viewers. But in terms of viewership, they are far better that an owner's manual or written guides. And they can also include other elements such as upselling and branding.

Explainer and demo videos really provide a lot of information to viewers that can't be delivered in as engaging a fashion as written text. As you continue to build your ever-important content, make sure to include these types of videos.


The Idea Studio is a video marketing agency that helps organizations produce all-important explainer and product demo videos for their clients. We help explain our what our customers do and how they do it. We look forward to helping you on your next video project!

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